Issue 6: Iowa

Contributors: Iowa Quilt Museum, ISU College of Design, Diane Porter, Faith Reeves, Taylor Ross, Elizabeth Walden, Jordan Weber and Mary Welcome.

Editors: Ellen Freeman, Corbin LaMont, Sarah Lewis and Taylor Ross.

9.75" x 15.5" Broadsheet, Cold Offset Press, Full Color / BW.

Printed by P&P Press.

“I’m expanding on the concept of how the body and land are connected. It’s 2018 and we’re still segregated in these communities with no land or space for the body to be activated in any way. It’s controlled by society and you’re only allowed to do these certain things. You see the cooks in this restaurant, and they’re all Mexican. The others’ bodies are always seen in space-time, especially in places like Iowa. If I come to Fairfield, I’m always seen as the other.”