Issue 2: Mexico City, Mexico

Contributors: Ellen Freeman, Corbin LaMont and Olivia Bojórquez.

11" x 17" Risograph, Red Ink, Violet Paper.

Printed by Mesa Press.

“Ever since I moved to Mexico after living in Japan, it’s like I’ve been standing in the center of a Venn diagram comparing the two countries. Truthfully, most of the time they seem much more different than similar, and I expected that a crisis would magnify those distinctions even further. But earthquakes have the same effect on us all. If in our daily lives we notice the earth at all, it’s as a steadfast, supportive presence. In an earthquake, that sense is completely shattered, and we have to become the support for one another in whatever way we can—even if that’s just lying in a circle on our backs in the park in “corpse pose,” feeling the same earth beneath us.”