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The Project

From rural Iowa and New Mexico to Tijuana and Tokyo, The Changing Times has collaborated with non-profits, local governments, rural entrepreneurs, schools, and radical artists to tell stories that cultivate human connection. The Changing Times was born out of a divisive political and media climate, to bring deep listening in disparate communities.

Place is the muse for each issue of the newspaper. Content emerges through on-the-ground research: conversations, engagements, archival study, and creative exploration. Rather than asking the community to come to The Changing Times, the newspaper goes to the places where the community already is, and engages with them on their terms as a neighbor would. It's a relational process of immersive inquiry rooted in principles of solidarity, accountability, deep listening, humility, and curiosity.

The Changing Times has published poetry, photography, illustration, and maps, as well as long- and short-form nonfiction articles authored by locals that specifically relate to the spirit of place. This project aims to bridge the gap between rural and urban social spheres, fostering interest in shared issues of social, environmental, and emotional prosperity.